Terms & Conditions

In order to submit your reservation, you can email us at reservations@americantravelink.com, or by fax 1-888-493-7733, if you wish you can call us at 1-888-725-8687.

Tariffs and Payments:
All our tariffs are based on USD currency, all the re-sales of the excursions must be within 5% margin of the rate shown on the website.

All rates are subject to change.

American Travelink accepts credit/debit card payments, checks and wire transfers.

All reservations must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy:
All excursions up to 3 days prior to departure there will be no fees, less than 3 days prior departure full cancellation applies.

All requests for refunds must be received within 90 days of the departure date.

Responsibility and liability:
American Travelink is an independent contractor that acts as a ground operator for suppliers featured in this website. The responsibility of the operator is strictly limited. The operator does not own or operate any of the services provided including but not limited to transportation, hotel accommodation or restaurants.

If the services included in the excursions cannot be delivered or there are any changes in the itinerary beyond the control of the operator, American Travelink, reserves the exclusive right to make any change to the itinerary or rate without prior notice.

American Travelink is not responsible if the excursion will not visit any sites featured in the program due to weather, natural disasters, late flights, sickness, accidents or any other reason beyond our control. In this event there is no refund for services not used including hotels.

The excursion participant agrees that neither American Travelink, nor its affiliates shall be liable for any delay, damage, loss, personal injury, and death and property loss resulting from any action or omission.

It Is reccommended for passengers to purchase their own Travelers Insurance.


Cancellation Policy:
American Travelink welcomes your business and understands there are situations when you may need to cancel or reschedule your trip.

Prior to 30 days, American Travelink will refund your full payment/deposit. Cancellations from: 30-8 days is subject to a 25% cancellation fee. For cancellations 7 or less days is subject to a 50% or more cancellation fee.

Driver Accommodations on Tours:
Chartering party is responsible for all driver/tour guide accommodation for overnight trips (individual (s) room (s) is/are required).

chartering party is responsible to forward a detailed itinerary 2 weeks prior to departure date. Additional charges may apply if the itinerary differs from the original service request. Changes in the service agreement without written consent by American Travelink may result in additional charges billed to the chartering party. Over time and/or delay in departure/return time from pick up/destination in an excess of 30 minutes will be billed to the chartering party at a rate of $ 108.00 per hour.

Additional Fees:
chartering party is responsible for parking fees they are not included in Rate of trip unless otherwise noted in Service Agreement. A fuel surcharge may apply in the event that fuel rises above $4.00 per gallon. Chartering party is responsible for any cleaning service and/or repairs necessary as a result of damage to the vehicle caused by the traveling party during the charter/transfer period.

General Terms and Conditions:
American Travelink reserves the right to lease equipment from its affiliates to fulfill this agreement. American Travelink is not liable for loss of time or revenue due to mechanical failure or inclement weather.
American Travelink is not responsible for personal belongings left on the vehicle during or after the trip. American Travelink maintains discretion in regard to refunds due to absence of or failure of amenity equipment such as CD, DVD player, sound system/ PA system. Use of alcohol, controlled substances or tobacco is prohibited on all vehicles.
All charters, Transfers and Itineraries must comply with DOT rules and regulations


To make your reservation please use the following format:

  1. Tour Name and Tour code.
  2. Passenger’s Full name.
  3. Date of Service.
  4. Special Instructions (Language) or any additional instruccion.
  5. Number of Passengers.
  6. Children's Ages.

All the excursions are free-sale up to 72 hours prior to departure.
Please note that a booking is only considered changed or cancelled when you are in receipt of a cancellation confirmation.

Guided Excursions:
The rates includes:

  • Hotel accommodations & taxes.
  • Luggage is limited to one piece per person with the following dimensions: 21" X 12" X 12" (46cm x 30cm x 30cm) and a maximum of 22 pounds (10 kgs).
  • All sightseeing and admissions as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Deluxe air conditioned van, Minibus or Bus.
  • Services of a professional tour escort throughout the excursion.

Not included in the excursion rate:
Any air transportation, insurance or optional services not included in the itinerary, personal expenses including but not limited to telephone calls, room service, liquor, or laundry and tips to drivers, guides and escorts.

Hotel Accommodations:
Rates are based on two people sharing a room.
Rooms with 2 double beds will be provided; in the event of a triple room no extra bedding will be provided.
The hotels listed on this website are used on most departures; however, hotels of an equivalent category may be substituted.

Cancellation Policy:
All excursions up to 3 days prior to departure there will be no fees, less than 3 days prior departure full cancellation applies.

All requests for refunds must be received within 90 days of the departure date.

Proof of Citizenship:
All passengers are required to have proper identification when entering or leaving the United States. On excursions traveling to Canada the clients have the responsibility to make sure in advance that visa requirements are met.
For more information regarding Canadian visa requirements please check out http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp

General Information:
For the comfort and safety of all passengers the following conditions apply: Smoking is not permitted on the motor coach, Stops are provided en route.

American Travelink reserves the right to refuse carriage to passengers whose behavior makes it a hardship to the excursion escort to conduct the excursion, or for the excursion passengers general well being or enjoyment of the program.

Tour Guides and/or Drivers are not authorized to handle any refunds, services and/or excursion changes to passengers. All changes or cancellations must be done directly with our office.

For any additional information, please contact us at 1-888-725-TOUR (8687)