How to get your airline ticket at the lowest possible price?

The Details

If you are planning a trip and are having difficulty finding tickets at an affordable price I have some tips to help you!

Firstly, business hours are not ideal for searching for airline tickets, the best time is at dawn from 12 am to 6 am. Airlines offer promotions at these times because business hours are heavily loaded with a flow of purchases and passengers. To purchase tickets with discounts you will also need to travel at this time, flights may have up to 70% discount due to the fact that this time can be inconvenient for many passengers. Early night flights are cheaper because airplanes do not usually sell out at this time so offering these promotions the airlines manage to fill a few more seats. This way everyone wins, both the airline and the passenger who will be flying at half the price. 

These discounts are applied to domestic and international flights. You will also need to keep in mind that you may not find the big discounts on your first searches and that the best days to search are from Friday to Sunday. So don’t give up if in the first few attempts you can’t find the ticket at the price you’re looking for, keep searching!

Image Source: www.eltiempo.com