How to make the most of your shopping experience

The Details

The morning is the best time to go shopping, the racks will be freshly filled and you will get the best variety of items and sizes, going later or on the weekend will decrease your chances of finding your size in the item you like or are looking for.

The best days to go shopping are thursdays and fridays which are the days when stores offer the most discounts, the worst days for sales and promotions are saturdays and sundays which are the days when most people go shopping. The best day for online shopping and online discounts are tuesdays! 

It is also important to know that depending on the month and season different categories of items are cheaper. Knowing this you can plan at which time of the year you will travel especially if one of your goals on your trip is shopping. January is the best month to buy winter clothes, linens and towels. You will also find many post new year sales. 

February is a great month for purchasing jewelry but I advise you to wait until after Valentine’s Day, when you can find leftover jewelry from the holiday on sale. March is the month to buy cruise tickets and April is good for home goods. 

May is the month when Spring clothing goes on sale. In June cruises and resorts in the Caribbean are at a lower price due to hurricane season. July is the month of Amazon Prime Day so many stores have sales on electronics. August is good for summer clothing, school supplies and laptops and there are tax-free weekends during this month. 

September is the month when outdoor items go on sale. October is the perfect month to buy older Iphone models since the newest phones are released in September, the older phones will be sold at discounted prices. November is the month of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And finally, from the 26th to the 31st of December are the best days to shop items of various categories, almost all stores have post Christmas sales during these days!

Image Source: www.business.time.com