Vegan Restuarnt Guide

Âu Lạc LA in Los Angeles

The menu began with traditional Vietnamese cuisine and has grown to include more dishes and flavors to accommodate every diet. Everything is completely plant-based and vegan, and they have many gluten-free options.

Image Source: http://www.aulac.com/

Manna Life Food in Miami

Food that respects your body.Their menu is plant based, gluten free, 100% nutrient dense and tasty.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/mannalifefood1/photos

Fare Well in Washington D.C.

Fare Well, a veggie-centric spot for comforting, house-made everyday fare.

From morning coffee to nightcap, from breakfast pastry to after-dinner dessert.Your neighborhood bakery + diner + bar.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/EatFareWell/photos

Veggie Crust in Boston

Delicious and creative pizza pies, panini, pasta, indian food, salads, FOMU dairy-free ice cream and more. Home made dough and breads, own pizza sauces, own pestos, own nice cream: it’s all 100% vegetarian! With vegan options and an ever-increasing dedication to quality, taste and health consciousness, Veggie Crust strives to source quality natural, environment friendly ingredients and create tantalizing recipes blending the flavors, aromas and wholesomeness of the best vegetarian and vegan recipes.

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Plant Mission Kitchen in Orlando

A plant based Mexican Restaurant located in Orlando.  All menu items are made from scratch using the highest quality and best tasting ingredients they can source to produce some the best tasting food in all of Florida. At this time their menu offerings have a strong Mexican influence and inspiration.

Image Source:https://www.facebook.com/plantmissionkitchen/photos/?ref=page_internal